As the Corporate Membership Chairman for The National Guard Association of South Dakota (NGASD), I would like to present to your business the unique opportunity to become a Corporate Member of our organization. An individual within the South Dakota National Guard has recognized you as a military supporter and thought your business and our organization could benefit from this opportunity.

NGASD is a non-profit association partnered with communities and businesses which work for the betterment of Soldiers and Airmen within South Dakota. Consisting of 400 active and retired National Guard Officers state-wide, the Association’s primary purposes are to define and prioritize equipment, benefits and future mission issues for the 4,500 men and women of the SD Army and Air National Guard. The NGASD presents priorities to the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS), our Governor and the members of our congressional delegation. Our role has become more critical with the continued mobilization and deployment of our Soldiers and Airmen in support of the Overseas Contingency & Combat Operations as well as our State duty in providing support for Domestic Operations.

NGASD Corporate Members make it possible to educate our membership on current issues and legislation in Congress, through attendance at state and national conventions involving policy leaders, attend professional development workshops and fact-finding interchanges in the State and Nation’s Capitals. Your Corporate Membership contributions will be crucial in developing and executing our involvement statewide.

Our 2019 Corporate Membership Program is designed to simplify your contribution and ensure that your organization receives maximum visibility and recognition throughout the entire calendar year at several noteworthy National Guard events. The attached enclosure provides a detailed description of program cost, entitlements and benefits which your business is entitled to. Through these entitlements and benefits, you are given the opportunity to be a part of the guard family, show your support, and benefit from the visibility, advertising opportunities, and lasting friendships that are built through the Corporate Membership. The point of contact for your questions and payment is Quenten Johnson, contacted via email at

The SD National Guard has been and continues to be a key player in the war on terrorism both at home and abroad. The NGASD leads the way in addressing vital soldier, airmen, and organization requirements associated with future operations and missions. We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to having you on the team as a proud supporter of the NGASD.


Dave Larson

President, NGASD Corporate Membership Chairman


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