NGAUS Awards Program

The NGAUS Awards Program recognizes outstanding National Guard men and women, as well as individuals and organizations outside of the Guard, who have made significant efforts to help advance NGAUS and its mission.

You play an important role in helping us identify and honor deserving people through our nomination process.

Listed below is a list NGAUS Awards with a brief description of the award and eligibility. Deadline for submission is 1 April 2020.

Harry S. Truman Award

Association’s highest honor for sustained and exceptional contributions to the security of the United States by a civilian or military leader

Montgomery Medal

Outstanding support of NGAUS objectives by any individual or organization.

Charles Dick Medal of Merit

Outstanding contributions to the National Guard by an elected official.

Patrick Henry Award

Exceptional service to the Armed Forces of the United States, the National Guard or NGAUS by a local official, civic leader or legislative staffer.

Distinguished Service Medal

For contributions to NGAUS by military or Defense Department civilians.

Meritorious Service Award

Outstanding achievements on behalf of the National Guard or NGAUS by a civilian or military officer.

Meritorious Service Certificate may be awarded at the state/local level in lieu of the Meritorious Service Award.

Valley Forge Cross for Heroism

For acts of heroism by active duty Guard members

Valley Forge Certificate may be awarded at the state/local level in lieu of the Valley Forge Cross award.

Garde Nationale Trophy

Significant achievements of members of the National Guard in their civilian endeavors.

Theodore Roosevelt Leadership Award for Company Grade Officers

Outstanding achievements and service by Army and Air National Guard junior officers.

Eagle Rising Award for Warrant Officers

Outstanding achievements and service by National Guard Warrant Officers (WO1-CW3).


Please forward all nominations to:

Paul M. Giovanetti

NGASD Awards Chair

110 E. Prospect Ave.

Pierre, SD 57501


Additional information on each one of these awards along with the nomination packet can be found at the link listed below:


For any questions or assistance on these awards please contact:

Paul Giovanetti


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