Junior Officer Professional Development Program

The Junior Officer Professional Development program (JOPD) is sponsored by the National Guard Association of South Dakota (NGASD).  The program is designed to provide a venue for self-development along with mentorship from senior leadership from both the Air and Army.

The JOPD events are conducted on the Thursday afternoon prior to the start of the annual NGASD conference.   Topics will range career time management, resiliency, Q&A sessions with senior leaderships as well as motivational speakers with focus on leadership and team building.

If you have questions concerning the JOPD program or have a topic which you would like to see covered please contact one of the Junior Officer committee members.

Company Grade Committee’s Purpose and Vision


The purpose of the Company Grade Committee is to provide representation for all company grade officers in the Army and Air National Guard in all aspects
of the NGASD. The committee also assesses the vitality of the Company Grade corps in the Association and develops and reviews plans, programs and strategies of present and future company grade issues for referral to the Board. The committee is structured to provide each company grade officer the opportunity to express and elevate their thoughts and concerns to the NGASD and NGAUS through their respective area representatives.


To provide the Company Grade Officers of the Army and Air National Guard a streamlined communication process to enable them to make a positive impact on the current and future direction and effectiveness of the NGASD and NGAUS.

2020 JOPD Schedule

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